James Patterson Outline (A Case Study)

James Patterson Outline Process

James Patterson outline example video case study above.

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if you’re on this page, you’ve probably heard me talk about the James Patterson outline classes he teaches on his Masterclass. I say that since you’re on this page more than likely you heard me mention my video case study on my podcast about how I learned how to outline from watching James Patterson’s Masterclass. So welcome to the James Patterson Outline Video Case Study! You can watch that video above.

I’m including some more information about oulining that I discuss in the video down below but watch the video to get the whole gist of how I improved the way I outline my thriller novels.

James Patterson Masterclass Review

James Patterson's Masterclass.

The way I outline I learned from watching James Patterson’s Masterclass on writing. So in the video above, I’ll show you inside the James Patterson Masterclass and I’ll walk you through my thought process when I watched the sections of the James Patterson Masterclass on outlining.

You’ll see the videos from the Masterclass and how it’s all out laid out for you, and the amazing content he provides for downloading, including the James Patterson HONEYMOON outline PDF. That’s the actual outline for his bestselling novel, HONEYMOON!

I’ll show you how what I did once I downloaded the outline PDF of HONEYMOON so I could really do a deep-dive into learning how to outline like James Patterson.

I used to outline on Google Doc, but I now use a wonderful plotting sofware to outline my books called Plottr.

In the video, I’ll show you the outline for my work in progress manuscript that I’m working on right now.

Honeymoon Outline Example

James Patterson Outline Example

In the video, I’ll show you how I studied James Patterson’s Outline PDF for HONEYMOON side-by-side with the actual bestselling novel. I found this to invaliabule to wrap my arms around the process of outlining like James Patterson.

Outline example using Plottr software app.

I use a wonderfull app called Plottr to create my outlines. That’s a screenshot of my current outline for my WIP. I talk about this in the video as well in more detail.

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