MTTA 202: Susan Elia MacNeal

Other Books Show Notes and Transcript Summary Video Transcript Note: This transcript was machine generated and subsequently reviewed and edited minimally by a human, Alan, for accuracy. Please be aware that there may still be errors and typos.

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MTTA 201: Ajay Chowdhury

Other Books by Ajay Chowdhury Show notes and Transcript In this episode… Video Transcript

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MTTA 200: Brian J. Morra

Other Books Show Notes & Transcripts In this episode: I strongly recommend watching the Netflix documentary “Turning Point: The Bomb and the Cold War” which features an interview with Brian about the Cold War. He plays a prominent role in episode five. Video

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MTTA 196: Nick Petrie

Other Books by Nick Petrie Show Notes and Transcript of Nick Petrie Author Interview Nick Petrie returns to the podcast for a new interview discussing his latest novel, “The Price You Pay.” Video You can watch this interview on my YouTube channel or down below.

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