Military Spy Thriller Books (Author Interviews)

Military Spy Thriller books were the first books that got me hooked on thrillers. Particulary the books of Vince Flynn. Since starting this podcast, I’ve had the honor of interveiwing some of the best military spy thriller authors in the business including Kyele Mills, who took over the Mitch Rapp series after Vince Flynn passed away.

I’ve now interviewed many amazing writers in this generes, includng the writers trusted by the estates of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, W.E.B Griffin, and Vince Flynn to carry on the stories of the iconic characters they created. Jack Ryan. Jason Bourne. Mitch Rapp. All live on thanks to the amazing military spy thriller books written by these authors that I’ve chatted with over the years.

So, here are my interviews with Joshua Hood who writes the Treadstone novels based on Robert Ludlum’s Bourne universe. Brian Freeman who writes the new Jason Bourne novels (Robert Ludlum died in 2001). Mark Greaney who co-wrote Tom Clancy’s last three Jack Ryan novels and would then go on to write four more Jack Ryan books after Tom Clancy died in 2013. Mark Greaney created the now iconic Gray Man thriller series. Marc Cameron who took over writing the Jack Ryan books after Mark Greaney stepped down. And Kyle Mills who continued writing the Mitch Rapp books after Vince Flynn died in 2013 (four months before Tom Clancy passed away).

I’ve also interviewed bestselling military spy thriller authors like Gregg Hurwitz who created the high-octane action Orphan X novels. And Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson the bestselling coauthor team of multiple covert ops and military thrillers series like Tier One. Andrews & Wilson will also be penning Book #9 in the W.E.B Griffin Presidential Agent Series and carrying on the tradition and legacy of one of the most celebrated military thriller writers of all time.

Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne Universe

Joshua Hood Author
Joshua Hood (Treadstone novels)

Listen to Joshua Hood Interview

Author Brian Freeman Interview
Brian Freeman (Jason Bourne novels)

Listen to Brian Freeman Interview

Tom Clancy Universe

Marc Cameron
Marc Cameron (Jack Ryan novels)

Listen to Marc Cameron Interview

Mark Greaney (Jack Ryan novels before Marc Cameron)

Listen to Mark Greaney Interview

Vince Flynn Universe

Kyle Mills author interview.
Kyle Mills (Mitch Rapp books)

Listen to Kyle Mills Interview

Andrews & Wilson

Andrews & Wilson
Tier One Books

Listen to Andrews & Wilson Interview

Gregg Hurwitz

Gregg Hurwitz
Orphan X Series

Listen to Gregg Hurwitz Interview

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