MTTA #18: Russell Blake

Meet the Thriller Author Russell Blake Interview

Meet Russell Blake

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Times, Huffington Post, and The Chicago Tribune, Russell Blake is The NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of dozens of novels, including the JET and Assassin series. Russell has written over 40 novels since 2011 and co-authored two novels with the legendary Clive Clusser.

Connect with Russell Blake

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Russell Blake’s Books


The JET Series

Russell Blake Jet Series

The Assassin Series

Co-authored with Clive Clusser

About the Author
I write thriller and crime fiction novels and host the Meet the Thriller Author podcast where I interview authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books.

3 comments on “MTTA 18 Russell Blake Interview

  1. Zarayna says:

    Hi Alan,

    What a very interesting interview with such a successful writer – thank you.

    With Russell Blake’s laser focus, I couldn’t help but learn more about the writing and publishing process to the extent that I almost forgive him for being so realistic.

    I appreciate his work ethic – which is overwhelming – and the fact that he genuinely respects and nurtures his readers i.e. he is always generous in sharing his knowledge, tips, and business philosophy on his blog and runs a FB page which is invariably informative and often hilarious.

    The truly wonderful thing is that he enjoys writing and it shows in his books and the way he treats his fans.

    It’s one hell of a model for anyone aspiring to be a writer so thank you, Alan. Much appreciated. I’m going to have to have a lie down now to recover.

    1. Alan says:

      Hi Zarayna,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast and yes, I’m in awe of Russell’s laser-focused drive and how supportive he is of other writers with his no BS advice and insight into this business.

      I hope you recover! 🙂

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