Author Interview Podcast: Seeley JamesSeeley James is the author of the popular Sabel Security thrillers featuring a world-class athlete turned private security badass, Pia Sabel.

His love of creativity began at an early age, growing up at Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture in Arizona and Wisconsin. He carried his imagination first into a successful career in sales and marketing, and then to his real love: fiction.

Seeley writes action-packed thrillers with great characters and plot twists. In this episode of the podcast, we chat how he does that and much more!

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Show Notes

John Locke’s books and his “How I sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months” gave Seeley the first epiphany that he could become an indie author. We discussed the aftermath when certain revelations about that book (no longer available) were made public.

Recommended Books on the Craft of Writing

 Save the Cat has been mentioned by several guests, so after my interview with Seeley, I finally picked it up and although a screenwriting book, it’s an excellent resource for writing fiction books.

 The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.

The James Patterson Masterclass.

About the Author
I write thriller and crime fiction novels and host the Meet the Thriller Author podcast where I interview authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books.

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