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Exciting News: “Meet the Thriller Author” is Back and Better Than Ever!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your patience and unwavering support during our unexpected hiatus. Your messages, comments, and emails have been a beacon of encouragement, reminding me of the incredible community we’ve built together. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that “Meet the Thriller Author” is making its grand return!

I reached out to some of the most renowned names in the thriller and mystery genres. The response has been overwhelming! Bestselling authors, known for their spine-chilling tales and intricate plots, are lined up and eager to share their stories, inspirations, and the secrets of their craft with all of you.


While buzzing with excitement to bring you new episodes, I’ve paused to reconsider the podcast’s direction. Instead of the previous weekly or bi-weekly releases, I’ve chosen to post 1 to 2 episodes monthly. This decision not only guarantees richer, more insightful episodes but also safeguards my writing hours. As the sole creator of this podcast, assembling each episode demands significant time. Additionally, I’m in the midst of a new crime thriller series set to debut in 2024. Balancing the podcast with this endeavor is crucial.

New Episode Coming Soon

Anyway, rest assured, the wait won’t be much longer. In the coming weeks, you can expect the first returning episode with an exciting author. Make sure to subscribe to the newsletter, follow my social media channels, and, of course, keep an eye on this website for all the latest updates.

About the Author
I write thriller and crime fiction novels and host the Meet the Thriller Author podcast where I interview authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books.

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