James Rosone started a military career in the Army National Guard as a communications specialist and forward observer for a self-propelled artillery unit. He later joined the U.S. Air Force, becoming an interrogator during 2007 Iraq War troop surge. He has over 2,000 hours of experience interrogating Al Qaeda prisoners. 

After 10 years of service in the armed forces, James spent several additional years in Iraq as a contractor for the Department of Defense and the Department of State. During all of this time in the sand box, books and writing became an escape.

His latest book, MONROE DOCTRINE, VOLUME ONE, is available now. The second volume will be published on March 30. It’s avaiable for pre-order on Amazon now.

During the interview we talked about his military background, his writing process, what it’s like collorating with his wife on their books, writing with children during a pandemic, his insights into indie publishing and book marketing, and a lot more.

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James Rosone’s Latest Book

The Monroe Doctrine Series

The Falling Empire Series

Show Notes

Author influences: Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy.

James and Miranda’s Patreon for Front Line Publishing where James is mentoring other veterans into writing and publilshing their own books.

Excellent and inspiring article about James story and journey as a veteran and author with PTSD.

About the Author
I write thriller and crime fiction novels and host the Meet the Thriller Author podcast where I interview authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books.

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