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Author Bill Brewer As a professor of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Bill Brewer learned the value of stories to keep his students engaged.

Storytelling is a passion of his, which extends beyond the lecture hall. He enjoys writing because a character’s traits and personality grow as the story develops.

Readers develop a connection with the character and are eager to see what happens next. Stories are always moving forward, and as a writer, Bill wants to carry his reader’s imaginations into a thrilling world of adventure.

Dawn of the Assassin is the origin story of the reluctant killer of men, David Diegert, the protagonist of Brewer’s thriller series.

Bill’s latest book in the series, Blood of the Assassin was published on Match 10, 2020.

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Latest Book From Bill Brewer

Blood of the Assassin by Bill Brewer

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Author influences include Mark Greaney, Vince Flynn. Classic books: Call of the Wild and Huckleberry Finn.

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