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MTTA Replay: Glenn Dyer (Ep. 103)

Latest Book Other Books Show Notes and Resources Click here for original interview. Video of my interview with Glenn Dyer back in May 2020. About Pearl Harbor Resemberence Day. I included a clip of FDR’s famous “Day of Infamy” speech in this episode. Here is an interesting look behind that iconic speech from the CBS…

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MTTA 177: Wanda M. Morris

Latest Book Show Notes & Resources Writer orgnaziation’s discussed: Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Crime Writers of Color Transcript – Please note, I used an automated software program to generate this transcript, not a human. I only do a light edit so it might be choppy and have mistakes. Accuracy according to the…

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MTTA 176: Mark Edward Langley

Latest Book Other Books Show Notes and Resources Author influences: Robert B. Parker, Mickey Spillane, John D. MacDonald, Ernest Hemingway, Tony Hillerman Actor Bronson Pinchot narrates the Arthur Nakai novels. He has narrated many audiobooks. Book Trailer for WHEN SILENCE SCREAMS Transcript

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MTTA 175: Yasmin Angoe

Latest Book Show Notes Author mentions: James Patterson (especially the Alex Cross series) John Grisham Stephen King Terry McMillion Beverly Jenkins Toni Morrison Deadline article about HER NAME IS KNIGHT option deal for television series.

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MTTA 173: Lee Child & Andrew Child

Latest Book Other Books by Lee Child Others Books by Andrew Child (As Andrew Grant) Show Notes and Resources

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