Author Michael LindleyMichael Lindley is a #1 Amazon author for “Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense” as well as “Historical Mysteries” with his debut novel “The EmmaLee Affairs.” Most recently, his “Lies We Never See” reached #1 for “Historical Thrillers” and “Psychological Thrillers”. His subsequent novels follow this genre in the continuing “Troubled Waters Series”.

His stories feature love and relationships challenged by the troubled waters of betrayal, tragic loss, murder and the many dark forces that can lie just below the surface of our fragile lives.

His latest, “Death on the New Moon,” continues the story of attorney, Hanna Walsh, and Detective Alex Frank in the Low Country of South Carolina first introduced in Amazon #1 “Lies We Never See.”

All of Michael’s books are set in idyllic locales and often intriguing historical contexts.

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Michael Lindley Death On The New Moon

Troubled Waters Series

Show Notes

Michael Lindley and host, Alan Petersen, chatted about his work, his writing process, advertising and marketing, the challenges of writing historical fiction and a lot more.
Other Authors mentioned during the podacast: Dennis Lehane, James Lee Burk, Harlan Coben, Earnest Hemingway, Brad Thor, Daniel Silva, Vince Flynn and more.

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I write thriller and crime fiction novels and host the Meet the Thriller Author podcast where I interview authors of mystery, thriller, and suspense books.

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